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Strengthening LGAs' internal control systems - Tools for Facilitators, Coaches, Trainers and Public Servants

PMO-RALG and GIZ, in close collaboration with the Office of the Internal Auditor General, launched an initiative to assist selected district, municipal and city councils and corresponding Regional Secretariats (RS) in the application of and adherence to internal controls standards and regulations. The focus of this initiative was on learning-by-doing, capacitating public servants through coaching on-the-job, and on formulating respective methods of capacity development at sub-national level. The present books are a direct outcome of the coaching and forms part of a series that covers the four thematic areas of Accounting & Administrative Controls, Risk Management, Internal Audit and Audit Committees in the councils, as well as the backstopping role of Regional Secretariat in monitoring and evaluation of LGAs' internal controls. Each of the areas comprises two books: a participants' handbook for the public servant for reference, and a handbook for facilitators tasked with capacitating staff from LGAs or RSs.


Facilitators' Handbook - Accounting & Administrative Controls (including IPSAS)

1.5 M


Facilitators' Handbook - Functioning of Audit Committees

1.4 M


Facilitators' Handbook - Regional Secretariats' Backstopping Monitoring & Evaluation of LGA Internal Controls

0.9 M


Facilitators' Handbook - Risk Management

1.5 M


Facilitators' Handbook - Internal Audit Techniques

2.2 M


Participants' Handbook - Accounting & Administrative Controls (including IPSAS)

1.5 M


Participants' Handbook - Functioning of Audit Committees

476 K


Participants' Handbook - Regional Secretariats' Backstopping Monitoring & Evaluation of LGA Internal Controls

274 K


Participants' Handbook - Risk Management

530 K


Participants' Handbook - Internal Audit Techniques

1.0 M

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iTAX Maintenance Manual

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