Local Government Revenues

In 2006, a roadmap was developed to guide the transformation of the local government revenue system. The roadmap focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of local revenue administration. It underlined the need to harmonise the procedures across LGAs and also introduced the idea to reform the property rates system. Through the Local Government Reform Programme (LGRP), PMO-RALG has therefore been engaged in efforts to broaden the local tax base. Although the share of local governments’ own source revenues in financing their budgets has remained very small, aggregate revenues collected increased from 79.77 billion TZS in 2007/2008 to 158.280 billion TZS in 2010/20111.

SULGO has been complementing the government’s efforts under the LGRP. By developing and implementing improved revenue administration systems for local governments and by training LGA staff, it has been enhancing local revenue administration capacities. As a result, more efficient revenue management systems are now in place; a more efficient and equitable system of property rates has also been developed. A software package known as Integrated Property Rates Information Management System (IPRIMS) has been implemented in Mtwara Mikindani Municipal Council, supplemented by manuals containing detailed application methodology. IPRIMS has now been incorporated as a module in a broad-based revenue management system (iTAX), which is piloted in five LGAs. The iTAX software is capable of handling many revenue sources together through different modules.

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