National and Regional Framework

In 1998, the Government of Tanzania adopted the policy of Decentralisation by Devolution. Based on this policy, the Local Government Reform Programme (LGRP) was launched to transfer power and responsibilities from the central government to the local level. The LGRP necessitates a comprehensive review of existing laws pertaining to almost all areas of government. SULGO has supported the implementation of legal reforms in order to harmonise the legal framework and adapt legal policies to a decentralised system of government. In doing so, SULGO has compiled detailed information on the status of legal harmonisation within the sector ministries, developed a strategy to overcome obstacles to progress, and drawn up a comprehensive concept for the reform of local government legislation.

To date, SULGO‚Äôs efforts have already led to the amendment of several laws, especially in the health, water, and public procurement sectors. A proposal for the amendment of the Ward Tribunals Act has also been drafted, nurturing hopes that further progress is underway. Regions play a crucial role in the coordination, support and supervision of local government authorities in Tanzania. While the idea of devolution aims at providing better services to people at the local level; regional administrations are a backbone of this objective. Between the central and the local government, they are key to a balanced development: Fulfilling the needs and demands of local authorities as well as ensuring that national policies and regulations are adhered to. For Tanga region, SULGO has supported to develop a mechanism for regional development planning, which is based on building a consensus between stakeholders at local, regional and national levels.

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