Regional Integrated Development Planning

The Regional Integrated Development Planning Guide assists development planners at the regional level to formulate RIDPs in five-year planning phases, aligned with Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025. It promotes an approach to planning that involves stakeholders at all levels, seeking to accommodate conflicting short-term and long-term demands and facilitate stakeholder contributions.

On the basis of the Regional Integrated Development Planning Guide, one RIDP has been implemented in Tanga. This RIDP has resulted in the establishment of a regional development forum in which districts play a key role. It has also improved the stakeholder awareness of and participation in regional planning processes. Finally, the Tanga RIDP has encouraged ‘thinking outside the box’, thereby improving the coordination of local government priorities at the regional level and enhancing the planning and budgeting capacities of Local Government Authorities.

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Legal Amendments

One of the main elements of legal harmonisation within the Local Government Reform Programme (LGRP) is the review of legislation related to local government. This includes the Local Government (District Authorities) Act (Act No. 7 of 1982), the Local Government (Urban Authorities) Act (Act No. 8 of 1982), and related laws. Legislation is crucial for the decentralisation process since it regulates both LGAs’ roles and responsibilities and the relationship between these authorities and the central government. SULGO has continuously supported the process of amending these laws. Another important part of SULGO´s involvement has been the review of laws concerning local government finances, e.g. the Local Government Finances Act, the Urban Rating Act, and related regulations. As LGAs need adequate finances to fulfil the additional tasks resulting from the devolution of responsibilities, financial decentralisation is one of the core elements of the Tanzanian decentralisation policy as a whole.

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